Trivandrum – The Capital city of GOD’S OWN COUNTRY


Trivandrum..some how I’m connected to this beautiful place.. Lots of happy/lil unhappy  moments happend here..

Today started journey from home early morning and reached in Thampanoor bus stand around 10.15am,had my breakfast from sea food hotel,nice place to have food..had my lunch from the same,I came and joined IPSR solutions Trivandrum..things going good,got some nice people here,but to be very frank work arrangements are not as good as kottayam..

still much to happen will update logging off from office..

takecare all..

The 4th day..


On december 5th,technically my 4th day at office.. I have to create some reports regarding some of our new projects,I started its work at it goes on continuing till 1.35 noon,while my collides were busy with lunch,me too was feeling hungry but I almost fininshed it,then leave my cabin,then to food on a local hotel,homely food,as I wont gave much preference to taste and number of curries included in it,it was enough for me,and it cost just 25/- ,after that when I came back I saw our CEO standing out of the org,I was happy seeing him,because he is such a great person,down to earth,good in this job .. and all,He smiled at me as I was already smiling by the moment I saw him,I wish him,”Good afternoon sir” he replied to it,and I said that I saw him driving the car on sunday.. “Oh you didnt went home?,where you staying..?”he asked “no sir,I dont know the exact place name,its nearly half km from Malayala Manorama’s office..”said I,and we dispersed.Then at my cabin I finished the report and send the mail to superiors and to the CEO,after some time a staff came and told “Sir is calling you..”,I got a little exited and nervous for a moment,then walked in to his cabin,

I : may I..

CEO : Yeah.. sit down.. is it going..did you like it..

I : yes sir,everything is going nice..

CEO : ok.. (then we had some official talks about the company and Strategies and all )

I too add my suggestions..

In between CEO’s wife who is the head of IT training division,she came and said “oh.. Ajay,i was about to call,saw about you in the companies blog ” I smiled,didnt expect it..

CEO : ok Ajay,so far you are doing good,first impression is the best..keep it up (I was feeling too good..) how about the team here is everyone supportive?

I :  yea sir,100% supportive..

ok then,I leaved the cabin with lots of confidence.. I was happy but not to the extreme,there are lots to go.. miles to reach.. Happyness,sadness,loneliness,boredom,everything will come,will stay and will leave..

New Earth.. New Sky…


December 1st,I can’t forgot that day,it add another U turn to life,That morning I traveled a distance of about 80+ kms from home,on that early morning..I woke up,took bath,dressed well..I was just-in-time,Dad Mom everyone was looking at me with pride(atleast i think so:) Mom give kiss in my forehead and I too kissed back.They gave some money and some instructions too.. I got the 1st bus,traveled to my home town Punalur,then got an Adoor bus and then the Kottayam fast.. the journey took almost 3hrs to reached the Kottayam bus stand,I had my breadfast from a shop nearby,was exited,happy and little nervous too..
Then I reached there,yes a place which made U turn in my life,”ipsr solutions ltd.”

I was having fever,still I was ok to do whatever (which I think is good ) possible from my side to get the job.I was waiting at the front office,fever was on the high note,I need to have the medicines,so I somehow managed to ask the lady in front office “where can i get drinking water?” she gave me bottle of water as soon as i finished the question..

After that a lady comes in saying “You are Ajay.. right?” yeah I replied with a smile..

“voke.. myself Nisha,I’m the HR..hmm you can wait in the reading room,one more person to come,then we will have common meeting..”she said and walked away..

So I stayed in the reading room,2-3 news papers were there,so I took one by one and read the headings 🙂 ..

Again after some time she appeard from somewhere and told me the same thing regrading that someone who is coming..then he cam,Sinob he was from Idukki.. he joined me in the reading room..As he was from Idukki I started asking questions regrading the place and all,then we starts discussing about the current Mullaperiyar Dam issue, then again Nisha Madam appeared and called us to join in the cabin nearby,I know that cabin,it was where a kind of Interview of mine was held by Mr.Morus sir and Shiju Sir,so i was somehow familier with that,then Nisha madam told about the company for more that 2hours..I woundered how she remember that much about this company!!Then we both talked for some time and dispersed for lunch,after lunch we waited for about 2 hours and she called Sinob and as he didnt have enough documents he ran out to take photocopies by the time I was called in and then submitted the copies of my election ID card,SSLC book,+2book,marklist and 4pasport size photos >>                                        

then… hmm.. ya she gave me the APPOINMENT LETTER!!!!

there was two of them one for me and one for MY COMPANY 🙂 i read the both in simultaneously and signed 🙂 “wooohoooooooooo” I said to my self!!

yes now I am an IPSRian ..


and also I have to thank the MD & CEO of IPSR group Dr.Mendus Jacob sir.. he is such a great man,with out his initiative to admit me,things wont go so good.. am sure..

also thanx too all me dear peoples in

(so much to tell will upload when i get some time.. apart from this am planning to upload my daily stories,atleast a weekly story 🙂 k thanks to those who read this..

oh.. by the way here is what Nisha ma’am post about us in the company blog

have a great day..


Ajay S Nair