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Ajay S Nair Photography

Ajay S Nair Photography

Today updated my photography page in facebook..with some of my latest images

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Ajay S Nair Photography

all around.still alone.


There are really some days in our life where we feel we are alone..

For me today was sucha day.

Alone.When surrounded by about 100 people..

Today early morning started my journey to office from home,Reached office in time,A recruitment drive was happening..I was busy for some time regarding the arrangement and all.. Almost 80+ candidates around me.. handling all of them wasn’t  such an eazy task and that too with a “feeling bad” mode in heart and with “artificial smile” on face..

My cousin,Rajesh Kumar some day told me “We are always alone by Passion.Dreams and Thoughts..”




Unique Days..


Days are going soo fast..for the last few days..I was completly busy..Traveled soo much…

many and soo on..

Every day is unique..every day am learning something..more or less am getting benefited..

sharing a song.. this one came to mind when remembering lastday…


Journey… :) Journey.. :| and again Journey :X


This morning I started my journey to the head office in Kottayam 129.87 + KMs..

And tomorrow for another meeting Kottyam to Eranakulam  76 Kilometers / 47 Miles. And then back to home again 120+ kms,then have to drop sister and newphew in Trivandrum International Airport.. so again Journey,then have to visit certain colleges in kollam and trivandrum regarding the Recruitment Drive of Wipro technologies .. and these all in just 4 days..OMG what a journey..I hope I can do it all.. after finishing all these targets I will post 🙂

ALL IS WELL for the time being 🙂

C***L a good start :)


Jan 1.2012 evening, I started my journey from home to Trivandrum..When I reached the time was 7:00 pm,as its a Sunday I was lil worried about food.. I used to have food from the MLA canteen inside the MLA hostel,tvm..Luckly the canteen was open and i had my food “chappathi and egg curry” ,then I just walked here and there.. then thought of visitng the PALAYAM CHURCH.I love that church..always feel better when I’m inside it,I sat in the wooden bench for some time with eyes closed..
Then i came out of the church.. the city was in a busy mood.. I saw an auto coming slowly..the board was C***L.. CAAAL i said to myself.. I look inside it..NO DRIVER!!NO PASSENGER!! with no time,I try to stop the auto.. made a gentle slowed more.. Then a man in a byke came and he did something with its gear and look to the upper side of the road..I too looked,An old man was running with a hand full bottle of petrol.. He came near us..
He said ” I.. I was buying petrol and when looked back my auto..” sound was not coming out of his mouth.. he look so upset.. The man with byke said. “what is this.. what if it hit any other byke or..” ..and there was a car parked near by too” i added..
The driver said..”Its my fortune that you too came and stop it in time.. I’m soo thankful..”I feel something better.. I smiled and said..”Please be careful next time..” The auto gone..I walked.. I looked up Jesus’s golden coloured sculpture on the top of the church.. I prayed with both hands… What a start to a wonderful year..I said to myself.. 🙂

Palayam Church

palayam church ©ajay s nair