I got Nobel prize


Some programme was going on in my old school and I was invited.. While I prepared for a speech.. Somehow I recalled the old school days.. I was among those few students who always participate in all programs and grab awards and prizes..

All of a sudden my mind convinced me that I got a Nobel prize j too! Really..!!
Oh yea..? I was like confused.. tensed, happy.. don’t know what all things gone through my mind..

I asked google 🙂 took the list of Nobel prize winners… searched.. nope!! Huh am not there? But how? I’m supposed to be there.. may be something went wrong with wiki, I was feeling a little tired.. and my eyes almost closed.. and when I opened.. saw mom and sreya, my neice.. who came to woke me up 🙂

Hihi.. a dream.. will I get Nobel price? Na…, may be tonight I may get it again ..



Yesterday noon I saw a short film, an old one, staring Anoop Menon, Now a renowned actor, writer. The shot film ofcourse had no relation with my school or college days, but the narration and way of dialogues, the script, visuals.. They took me back to my school days.. The times when me and my friend Vishak wrote Novels, Short stories, Drama and what not.. Those were really good moments..
After the film, I called Vishak.. It was nice talking to him after a while.. And really happy to hear some news from him 😀

While reading this if some of your old good friends comes to mind, just take the phone and make a call..

Friendship is such a beautiful thing..

By the way the short film was December Mist..
Kf I had Anoop Menon’s number I might defenitly call him.. Just to say thanks.. 🙂
#nostalgia. #anoop menon # friendship

Back to HQ.


This morning.. hoo woke up at 3.45!! I have to move to HeadQuarters of my company,the train was at 5 a.m so I was too busy at the morning.. still had a cup of tea from the small shop just opposite to my lodge at SREEKANTESWARAM,



these shops opens befor 3 i guess.. because the famous LORD SHIVA TEMPLE,THE SREEKANTESWARAM TEMPLE is situated just near to my lodge and this shop.. so there are a lot of  devotees will come early morning even at 3 to the temple..

I was ready by 4.30 and catch an auto-rickshaw to reach railway station,the driver was a nice man, he dropped me in another entrance of the Trivandrum central railway station from where i can get ticket without waiting in queue,although 3more people was in front of me,it was the simplest queue i ever seen in tat station..Then searched the train,and i got a better side window seat 🙂 haaa.. I  feel happy and relaxed.. the train moves and i caught a SELFPORTRAIT and posted in my facebook http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150693775114243&set=a.449857269242.230367.522959242&type=1&ref=notif&notif_t=like&theater

Reached kottayam railway station at 8.36 and meet my friend Mr.Udayan,who is an engineer in the railways..,Then break fast and recharged my mobile for a while..

Then catch an auto-riskshaw to reach the HQ. I’m glad that I reached 1hr before the Deputy Manager who told me to reach at 10 🙂

ajay s nair in train [self portrait]

The 4th day..


On december 5th,technically my 4th day at office.. I have to create some reports regarding some of our new projects,I started its work at it goes on continuing till 1.35 noon,while my collides were busy with lunch,me too was feeling hungry but I almost fininshed it,then leave my cabin,then to food on a local hotel,homely food,as I wont gave much preference to taste and number of curries included in it,it was enough for me,and it cost just 25/- ,after that when I came back I saw our CEO standing out of the org,I was happy seeing him,because he is such a great person,down to earth,good in this job .. and all,He smiled at me as I was already smiling by the moment I saw him,I wish him,”Good afternoon sir” he replied to it,and I said that I saw him driving the car on sunday.. “Oh you didnt went home?,where you staying..?”he asked “no sir,I dont know the exact place name,its nearly half km from Malayala Manorama’s office..”said I,and we dispersed.Then at my cabin I finished the report and send the mail to superiors and to the CEO,after some time a staff came and told “Sir is calling you..”,I got a little exited and nervous for a moment,then walked in to his cabin,

I : may I..

CEO : Yeah.. sit down..

so..how is it going..did you like it..

I : yes sir,everything is going nice..

CEO : ok.. (then we had some official talks about the company and Strategies and all )

I too add my suggestions..

In between CEO’s wife who is the head of IT training division,she came and said “oh.. Ajay,i was about to call,saw about you in the companies blog ” I smiled,didnt expect it..

CEO : ok Ajay,so far you are doing good,first impression is the best..keep it up (I was feeling too good..) how about the team here is everyone supportive?

I :  yea sir,100% supportive..

ok then,I leaved the cabin with lots of confidence.. I was happy but not to the extreme,there are lots to go.. miles to reach.. Happyness,sadness,loneliness,boredom,everything will come,will stay and will leave..