My Quotes !


+ “Don’t waste time , Money, Technology And Oppurtunity”
~ Ajay S Nair


The Only truth that you can bury is Death!

~Ajay S Nair



+ “The SIMPLE way to be happy is to troubleshoot with a SMILE”

-ajay s nair [asn] []

+ ‎“Never forgot from where you came from.. and never forgot who showed you the path,the right path!”
-ajay s nair [asn]

+  “At the end of the day.. Money does matter!”

-ajay s nair[asn]

+     “If you are not interested in doing something.. re-do,”
-ajay s nair [asn]

+  “I’m the eye and soul of  my camera”

-ajay s nair [asn]

+ “Impossible exists only if you belive in it”   [2.1.2012]

-ajay s nair [asn]

+ “Life is like a video game..

once you find the solutions..god will take to level-next.. !!”[17.1.2012]

-ajay s nair[asn]

+ “Travel with open eyes..You will know the world..

                     Once you close the will know yourself ” 

-Ajay.S.Nair [a.s.n][3/2/2012]


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