Back to HQ.


This morning.. hoo woke up at 3.45!! I have to move to HeadQuarters of my company,the train was at 5 a.m so I was too busy at the morning.. still had a cup of tea from the small shop just opposite to my lodge at SREEKANTESWARAM,



these shops opens befor 3 i guess.. because the famous LORD SHIVA TEMPLE,THE SREEKANTESWARAM TEMPLE is situated just near to my lodge and this shop.. so there are a lot of  devotees will come early morning even at 3 to the temple..

I was ready by 4.30 and catch an auto-rickshaw to reach railway station,the driver was a nice man, he dropped me in another entrance of the Trivandrum central railway station from where i can get ticket without waiting in queue,although 3more people was in front of me,it was the simplest queue i ever seen in tat station..Then searched the train,and i got a better side window seat 🙂 haaa.. I  feel happy and relaxed.. the train moves and i caught a SELFPORTRAIT and posted in my facebook

Reached kottayam railway station at 8.36 and meet my friend Mr.Udayan,who is an engineer in the railways..,Then break fast and recharged my mobile for a while..

Then catch an auto-riskshaw to reach the HQ. I’m glad that I reached 1hr before the Deputy Manager who told me to reach at 10 🙂

ajay s nair in train [self portrait]