You can see me! :P


Hey all..

Just click here and you can see me in Gooooogle 😉


Some thing special..


Today seems a special day for me..

woke up lil late still got bus,(thanks to my close frnd for the update sms’)

Then.. had breakfast @office,that too for the first time..

got a call from a close friend of mine ..,

Today evening I enjoyed rain with a cup of hot coffee from the 4th floor..

feeling nice..


Back to HQ.


This morning.. hoo woke up at 3.45!! I have to move to HeadQuarters of my company,the train was at 5 a.m so I was too busy at the morning.. still had a cup of tea from the small shop just opposite to my lodge at SREEKANTESWARAM,



these shops opens befor 3 i guess.. because the famous LORD SHIVA TEMPLE,THE SREEKANTESWARAM TEMPLE is situated just near to my lodge and this shop.. so there are a lot of  devotees will come early morning even at 3 to the temple..

I was ready by 4.30 and catch an auto-rickshaw to reach railway station,the driver was a nice man, he dropped me in another entrance of the Trivandrum central railway station from where i can get ticket without waiting in queue,although 3more people was in front of me,it was the simplest queue i ever seen in tat station..Then searched the train,and i got a better side window seat 🙂 haaa.. I  feel happy and relaxed.. the train moves and i caught a SELFPORTRAIT and posted in my facebook

Reached kottayam railway station at 8.36 and meet my friend Mr.Udayan,who is an engineer in the railways..,Then break fast and recharged my mobile for a while..

Then catch an auto-riskshaw to reach the HQ. I’m glad that I reached 1hr before the Deputy Manager who told me to reach at 10 🙂

ajay s nair in train [self portrait]

Alapuzha..the Venice of the east..


Alapuzha.. wow got an option to go there… when i think of alapuzha the first thing that came to mind is the House Boat.. Alappy is famous for that.. I started my journey from Trivandrum by train at 6.00am ,that day I woke up at 4.30!! ,Just 2 hr journey in Janashadabdhi express..and I reached.. They was so nice.. the rising sun and the greeny paddy field.. I cant take off my eyes from the outside world.. Train journies are like this always for me..calm..relaxing… travel with new faces all around.. and the employees in Indian Railway who sell Tea,coffe,tiffin.. in the train and in the Railway stations..

Then reached the venice of the east – ALAPUZHA..

I heard a lot of alapuzha.. I used to see lots of images from there,videos too..

But when I saw the place it was much much more than any image I saw…



BRIGHTER  place I ever visit.. just awWWEesomeee…

I stayed there for 2 days.. visited some more intresting places.. wow.. I cant express how beautiful it was… out of words..

Must see there..

From trivandrum

Train is better Rs.77 (Janashadabdhi morning 6)

all around.still alone.


There are really some days in our life where we feel we are alone..

For me today was sucha day.

Alone.When surrounded by about 100 people..

Today early morning started my journey to office from home,Reached office in time,A recruitment drive was happening..I was busy for some time regarding the arrangement and all.. Almost 80+ candidates around me.. handling all of them wasn’t  such an eazy task and that too with a “feeling bad” mode in heart and with “artificial smile” on face..

My cousin,Rajesh Kumar some day told me “We are always alone by Passion.Dreams and Thoughts..”