Theyyam – by God’s Grace


Yesterday, it was the first time ever I took my camera to shoot Theyyam, I always wanted to capture and watch Theyyam, was waiting for the event in Technopark, I know Theyyam itself is considered as God in Malabar regions, Kerala, I have given that respect while I was shooting, in a moment I bend down to take a snap when the theyyam was near a fire lit up there, and the very next moment theyyam has splashed the light! There were a lot of photographers around, cameras ranging from mobile to DSLR, I don’t think any of them got that moment, fortunately by the grace of God, I got it.. when I checked the preview in my camera, I was so thrilled that I jumped with happiness.. Yes!

Theyyam @ Technopark, Trivandrum | Ajay S Nair Photography

Theyyam @ Technopark, Trivandrum | Ajay S Nair Photography

Sharing the photo here, you can see more theyyam photos at my Photography page : Ajay S Nair Photography

Karkidakom 1

rama & co.

rama & co. (Photo credit: giveawayboy)

Karkidakom – the last month in Malayalam calender, starts today

I went to Penada,the kaav(sacret groove) just near to my home..

The karkidakom also known as Ramayana Masam,because in the temples and Hindu homes they read the sacred book about Lord Rama  ..


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