Theyyam – by God’s Grace


Yesterday, it was the first time ever I took my camera to shoot Theyyam, I always wanted to capture and watch Theyyam, was waiting for the event in Technopark, I know Theyyam itself is considered as God in Malabar regions, Kerala, I have given that respect while I was shooting, in a moment I bend down to take a snap when the theyyam was near a fire lit up there, and the very next moment theyyam has splashed the light! There were a lot of photographers around, cameras ranging from mobile to DSLR, I don’t think any of them got that moment, fortunately by the grace of God, I got it.. when I checked the preview in my camera, I was so thrilled that I jumped with happiness.. Yes!

Theyyam @ Technopark, Trivandrum | Ajay S Nair Photography

Theyyam @ Technopark, Trivandrum | Ajay S Nair Photography

Sharing the photo here, you can see more theyyam photos at my Photography page : Ajay S Nair Photography