Boys Hostel !!


Ho.. staying somewhere is such a complicated thing.. I have to find some where which is suitable for me and that too in the very next day after joining the firm,after my office time,as per the suggestion of my superior to goto the boys hostel which is some 2km from office..

The night before I stayed in Princess Inn with Android developer Noble,It was nice for me because I was intrested in android,and started asking all my queries to him,haha at last he told me with “soo.. can we sleep?” and I said yes sir 🙂

Attended his Android workshop the next day ,class was just nice..liked it..

Then after the class and all it time to search for a shelter..

it wasn’t as easy as i thought mainly with laguage in hand..and with a verylow balance  in mobile..and it was getting dark..

Therez a BOYS HOSTEL near MLA quarters,Palayam my office Manager Mr.Anish told me while i called him,so I walked to that side.. Mob balance after that call..was just a 0.1 , One of my best friend called me and send me the 16digit recharge number.. 🙂 ho… I feel much better.. then also i continued walking lots to walk.. saw the board of BOYS HOSTEL.. time was almost 6.30pm I entered in..asked for the details 1650 per month. with 1500 as advance,I wasnt having that much with me,I gave 500 and told that the remaining i will give with in 2 days.. it was a friday..

The warden guide me to the room before these all.,The room was just ok for me as I used to attend the NSS camps and sleeping over the classroom benches., The room was painted in light green color,and the wall was lil wet at the top.. thank god.. therez a fan n light and coz a plug which i can charge my mob.. called home n friend.. sat in the cot for some time..silence was roaring!! I removed my shoes n changed the dress.. took out my bed sheets and arraged the bed.. at 8.30 fall asleep..


[Boys hostel part 1 complete]                                                                [will continue..]